Feb 12, 2018

A few years ago, my daughter was walking silly down the stairs, holding onto her mom’s hand, after several attempts to get our daughter to stand and walk normal down the stairs, she slipped 3 stairs from the bottom and fell on her elbow area breaking her arm, which we latter had learned. She cried for about a half hour then started using her arm as if it was sore but nothing major was wrong. About a day and a half later my wife noticed our daughters arm starting to bruise really bad on the same area she fell. We decided to take her to the Chiropractor to get it X-rayed in the event it wasn’t broken to save any unnecessary hassle from a doctor’s office. We were encouraged to go the orthopedic surgeon to get it casted. Naturally the surgeon suggested surgery, and removable pins and cast for 4 weeks, then remove the pins and cast for another 6 weeks. Neither my wife or I felt comfortable about the surgery with how young our daughter was. Knowing and trusting the healing power of herbs in conjunction with modern methods we decided to use herbs to help aid the repair of her arm. We asked for a removable cast/splint to keep her arm stable, and left. We bought all the ingredients to make the Dr. Christopher’s Bone Flesh and Cartilage formula, brought the herbs home, and made up the formula to put on her arm. We made the formula into a poultice and using cotton/flannel material we soaked it in the mixture and wrapped it around the broken area; then plastic wrap to keep it from dripping everywhere, and PUL material to keep her clothes and the ACE wrap clean. We put the Splint on over the material and then wrapped it using an ACE wrap. The first time my wife was worried, as a mother would be, and could not handle our daughter’s crying. She gave me 2 weeks to make this work; and if it was not being effective, we would go with the surgery. We did this procedure every evening just before bed, for 6 days and on the 7th day we massaged her arm with essential oils and BF&C ointment and let it air out as much as possible and rest. The reason for this is that with healing it is important for circulation to get to an area, circulation brings with it oxygen, nutrients, and other essential properties. We got another x-ray done after just 2 weeks, which proved that the poultice was indeed working. So, we continued with the natural course. We went back 3 weeks later, so that 5 weeks after our daughter had broken her arm we could see the progress to that point. We were very pleased with the results and the Chiropractor was shocked! We had a better outcome in half the time we were told, with much better results.

Now, there are certain principles of health that need to be understood and practiced before any amount of healing can be accomplished. To start with, the most basic but important principle is to cleanse and nourish. This is key because nourishing brings building blocks such as: oxygen, amino acids, minerals, etc. to the affected area, but when an area has not been cleansed it is difficult for the nourishment to get through. When the body is bogged down with excessive mucus, it keeps the body from using the highest possible amount of the nutrients from the food sources available. This is why both cleansing and nourishing is so key.

When the body is clean and properly nourished the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients is increased. Here it is important to understand the difference between organic and inorganic matter. Organic matter is that which can be both accepted and assimilated into the body. Inorganic matter can only be accepted into the body but often with adverse results and little if any assimilation. When it comes to bone health there are a few chemical constituents which are important to be aware of. The number one being calcium. Calcium is essential for metabolic function. An imbalance of calcium will bring adverse reactions. When the body has plenty of calcium the bones will store the extra. When the body needs calcium, it will take from the bones. So, why do bones loose calcium? As mentioned, Improper assimilation is huge. Often one will find a case of osteoporosis in a person while at the same time they’ll find arthritis too. One case being a lack of calcium in the body while the other is a sign of excess. When it comes to improving ones’ diet to increase proper metabolic function it is important to know what will help and what wont. Fresh fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Whole Grains, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, and Fresh Juices all provide essential nutrients and would be a wise addition to any diet. Recommended to consume organic produce, whenever possible. Useful herbs to incorporate into a bone healing diet would include: Horsetail grass, Comfrey root, Oat straw, and Lobelia. Together these herbs make what is known as Dr. Christopher’s calcium formula. Horsetail grass doesn’t contain large amounts of calcium but is high in organic silica. According to Professor Louis C. Kervran, the human body is able to make the molecular change to transform the organic silica into assimilated calcium. The other herbs work in close conjunction with this master calcium herb. We need calcium for the nerve sheaths, vein and artery walls, bones, teeth, etc.

Drugs, and improper diet can wreak havoc on ones’ health. To maintain or improve proper bone health it is essential to stay away from things like: Alcohol, tobacco, sugar, refined flower products, processed food, etc. A major area of debate is that of milk. However, here I will show that milk is not a wise source of calcium. Milk is intended for infant mammals, the mother’s milk is alkaline, and from this blessed milk (blood transfusion) develops bone, flesh, cartilage, brain and all normal functions of the body. The milk being alkaline is not only accepted, but is for the most part assimilated into the baby’s system for good growth. When weaning time comes, the child’s gastric juices are flowing so it can digest protein and starches on its own. When drinking milk, mother’s or cow’s, at this time the milk changes from alkaline to acid (being mixed with the gastric juices), and instead of the major part of the milk being assimilated and only a small portion being eliminated, with the gastric juices now altering the picture we have the milk accepted into the body, but only a small part assimilated. The balance is accepted as mucous- forming material that makes for constipation, runny noses, ear infections, etc. Sugar leaches calcium from the body. Even though milk has calcium in it, it also has lactose, which is a sugar, and leaches off more calcium then what you would receive from it. That is why you will find people who have osteoporosis, while at the same time have bone spurs, kidney stones, arthritis etc.

In conclusion, along with improved diet and exercise Dr. Christopher’s Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage formula is an excellent aid for malfunction in bone, flesh, cartilage, and is excellent for varicose veins, sprains, curvature of the spine, tremors, skin eruptions, pulled muscles, blood clots, calcium deposits, bone spurs, etc.” In this formula the following herbs are included. Oak bark which is an Astringent and tonic, marshmallow root a demulcent which is soothing, often mucilaginous, and protecting to irritated mucus membranes; Mullein as an astringent, Wormwood with its properties as an anti-spasmotic to help ease the nature of a convulsive effect of a fracture, vermifuge as a cleansing agent; Lobelia as a catalyst, nervine, and anti-spasmotic, Skullcap as a tonic, nervine, astringent; Comfrey root as cell proliferent to help knit together connective tissue, and Black walnut hull as an astringent, and vermifuge.


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